Elphy hates blowing his trunk

Elphy hates blowing his trunk
Elphy hates blowing his trunk Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Join Elphy, a little elephant with a stuffy trunk, as he learns about the brave “soldiers” that fight viruses and how to help them with a laugh!

The sky had darkened and embraced a fat black cloud! The clouds kept joking with each other! But Elphy was sleeping in bed and sneezing! He was cold and had a runny trunk. His mother came every time and said:

Little Elphy! You have to go to the bathroom and blow your trunk!

Elphy! however, hated to blow his trunk and kept sniffing!

His mother was tired! He shouted:

Daddy Elphy! where are you?

Daddy Elphy was preparing lunch! When he heard this voice, he quickly went to Elphy’s room!
Elphy , who was very sick and tired, was sleeping and a big green bubble was sticking out of his long trunk!

Mama Elphy said:

Elphy does not take medicine or blow his trunk!

And then she went to prepare the soup!

Daddy Elphy said:

So that’s the problrm!

Elphy sneezed hard and water from his trunk and mouth splashed out!

He shed tears and shouted:

I hate winter! I hate cold!

Daddy Elphy said:

Maybe you don’t like to release the dead soldiers! Humm?

Elphy said:

Soldiers? Which soldiers?

Daddy Elphy said:

The medicines that mom gave you are strong soldiers! They go to the virus soldiers and kill them!

Elphy sniffed again! Daddy Elphy continued:

Whenever virus soldiers die, They have to get out of our bodies!

Elphy said:

Does this mean that viral soldiers go out when we blow our trunks?

Daddy Elphy said:

Yes! You must blow your trunk, wash it with hot water, and eat hot soup! This way, you will destroy virus soldiers very quickly!

Then Daddy Elphy started to fight with imaginary soldiers! When Daddy Elphy was waving his hands in the air, his big belly was shaking, and he made Elphy laugh!

Elphy got up and went to the bathroom! He opened the hot water and started blowing his trunk! The dead soldiers were leaving quickly! Elphy felt a little better and could breathe! When he left the bathroom, he sipped Mama Elphy’s hot soup. The snowflakes were slowly falling from the sky to the ground! Daddy Elphy promised Elphy that tomorrow when Elphy was completely well, they would make a charming snowman together!


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