Demi’s Dream

Demi’s Dream
Demi’s Dream Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Join Demi in her bedtime journey as she learns the importance of sleep and shares heartwarming stories with her grandmother.

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Demi’s Dream Story

It was night. The sun was hiding behind the mountains and Demi had to go to bed! But she liked to stay up late and sit next to his parents until they go to bed, talk to them and watch TV with them. But whenever Demi asked her mother to let her stay up late, her mother would frown and say:
No! Children should sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. They cannot stay up late like adults.

Demi's mom tells her to go to bed
Demi’s mom tells her to go to bed

Demi was upset to hear these words. She did not understand why her mother does not let her go to bed late. That night, Demi went to bed sad, but when he opened his eyes early in the morning and went to the kitchen, she was surprised to see that his grandmother and grandfather had come to their house!

Demi was very happy and hugged her grandmother tightly! She sat next to his grandparents and played with them until night.

Demi and her grandparents
Demi and her grandparents

Demi thought to herself:
For sure tonight, cause grandma and grandpa are our guests, mom and dad will let me stay up late!

But after eating dinner, her mother said to Demi:
Honey! Please brush your teeth and go to bed!

Demi, who was very upset after hearing this, started crying. She sat on grandmother’s laps and said:
I don’t like to go to my room! I want to stay here with you!

Grandma said to Demi:
How about I come to your room and tell you a story?

Demi and grandmother went to Demi’s room together and Demi laid on the bed. Grandmother told Demi the story of her own childhood:
When I was your age, I wanted to be like adults. I wanted to stay up late like them and do whatever they do. That’s why when they disagreed with me, I would get upset and cry.

Until one night, my mother let me stay up late. I was very happy and I thought I was going to have a lot of fun. Thinking that I have grown up and can be like adults.

At night, I watched TV like mom and dad and had dinner with them. Although I was very sleepy, I wanted to stay awake! It was late and when I went to bed, I was very tired. When I opened my eyes in the morning, I realized how late it was!

My father had gone to work and my mother was cooking lunch in the kitchen. I ate breakfast very late! That’s why I had no appetite at lunch time. I wanted to sleep again. That’s why I started nagging.

At night when my dad came home, I didn’t even have the appetite to eat dinner! It was only then that I understood why parents tell their children that they should eat dinner early and sleep early! Because if children sleep late, they cannot wake up early in the morning. And if they do this for a few days, they will get sick.

grandma telling Demi stories
grandma telling Demi stories

From that day on, I used to go to bed early. My mother used to sit next to me and tell me stories. Very beautiful stories that I used to dream about all night.

Demi decided to go to bed early at night after hearing the story of her grandmother’s childhood. Because if she goes to bed late, he will growl in the morning and no one likes a grumpy child!

Demi’s mother, who had noticed her decision, sat next to her every night and told her beautiful stories. stories that little Demi dreamed about until morning!


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