An electric elephant!

An electric elephant!
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An electric elephant! Information

Eric’s room transforms into a realm of imagination as he confuses a vacuum cleaner and a coat for a giant elephant in the dark.

Eric had been sleeping alone in his room for several nights! That night when he went to his room, turned off the light, and lay in his bed, he saw something terrifying! A giant elephant with a long trunk and big ears was sitting in the corner of Eric’s room!

Eric started screaming and calling his parents:

Mom! Dad! Elephant! Elephant! There is an elephant in my room.

Scared by the sound of his screams, Eric’s parents ran to his room! They turned on the light in the room and asked Eric:

What’s wrong, baby? What are you afraid of? Did you say elephant? There is no elephant here! 

Eric, who did not dare to open his eyes for fear, pointed to the corner of the room and said:

Look! It’s there! A giant elephant with a long trunk! I saw it myself! 

Eric’s parents looked at the corner of the room and realized what the matter was! Eric’s mother had vacuumed Eric’s room in the morning, but she forgot to remove the vacuum cleaner from the side of the room! Eric had thrown his coat on it when he came home from school! Now the vacuum cleaner and Eric’s coat were like an elephant!

Eric’s father said:

Bring your head up, boy! Do you see the elephant in the corner of the room?

Ali raised his head with fear and looked at the corner of the room but did not see the elephant! That’s why he said:

He must have run away when he saw you! If not, I myself saw that it was there!

Eric’s mother said:

All right! I have an opinion! Your father and I will turn off the light and go to sleep! In this way, maybe the elephant will come back again! We will stay here for you! Don’t be afraid, my son!

Ali’s father sneakily went to the room light and turned it off.

The moment the light went out, Ali shouted and said:

Look! The elephant is there! Right there! See it!

At that moment, Ali’s father turned on the light! Ali saw that in the corner of the room, instead of an elephant, there was a vacuum cleaner standing with a coat on his head!

Eric and his parents looked at each other and laughed! Eric said:

That is a vacuum cleaner! That one is my coat! I really thought there was an elephant in the corner of the room!

Eric’s mother said:

Whenever you see something scary in the dark, turn on the light to find out what it really is!

That night Eric dreamed of a herd of gray elephants playing together!

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