What color do you recall? – imagination practice 5

What color do you recall? – imagination practice 5
What color do you recall? – imagination practice 5 Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Let’s embark on a colorful journey of imagination, where we discover the world through the vibrant hues of our memories and thoughts.

Hi! What does Imagination mean? Imagination means that we can think about things that we didn’t pay much attention to before. Imagination means that we can think about things that we have never seen before. This is the only way in the world by which we can travel fast. We can go wherever we want and feel whatever we want. We can make as many stories as we want.

When you think of something, what other things come to your mind? For example, think about today. When I think about today, I remember the apple that I think I bit at 10 o’clock. what color was it It was red and white inside. It was juicy and delicious! what about you? what are you thinking What do you remember?

What else do I remember? I remember the taxi. It was noon when I took a taxi and went to the other side of the city. The color of the taxi was yellow and orange. what else I think about the clothes I wore. In the morning, when getting dressed, it took me a while to choose between a green shirt and a red one.

What else did I do? Wearing pants! A cool blue jeans! what else? I ate breakfast! Cornflakes and milk!
I want to teach you this experience. When you think about different things, we may not pay attention to their minor details! Sometimes we can draw a line around these details. what does it mean? It means to care about them. For example, pay attention to the color of things and give importance to it. Then, little by little, you will understand how important colors are. Little by little, we understand how each color awakens us!

If I want to say what color it was today, I have to say red. The same good feeling that is left in my mind from the taste of that delicious apple.

Think a little. How did you feel today? Think about what color everything was. You can even bring a paper and write the color of everything in it. There have been many different colors in your life since morning. Now think about what color it was today? Red, blue or purple?

Sometimes when you have nothing to do, sit and dream. Think about the details of different things. One of the interesting features of things is their color. For example, think about the color of the trip you went on in the summer or when you play with your friends, what colors do you remember?

Whenever I think of my daughter playing with her friends, I remember the color green. The green color of the grass. I think my daughter’s playing is green. what about you? When you think of playing, what color do you think of?

Write everything that comes to your mind in your notebook. Try this with your friends to see what the color of different things is for each of you!

so goodbye for now!


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