Giraffe’s birthday present

Giraffe’s birthday present
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Giraffe’s birthday present Information
TypeBedtime, Rhyming
GenreFantasy, Comedy

It is giraffe’s birthday and his friends are knitting a scarf for him! But who is gonna knit such a long scarf?

Who’s gonna make a birthday present for giraffe?

The best gift for him is a long scarf!

The little sparrow asked.

Is there anyone talented enough,

to make giraffe a beautiful scarf?

I’m not in the mood…

so what we are gonna do?

The hippo sang.

Little sparrow Shouted again:

Giraffe always catches a cold!

So we have to make him a scarf as I told!

I will Knit 5 inches and half!

I hope it’s enough for the giraffe! Said the mighty bear!

He started Knitting:

2 inches, 3 inches and four!

Red and yellow and even more!

Who’s gonna make the rest of this scarf?

For the long neck which is for the giraffe! Bear roared.

The rabbit was sitting near the parrot!

Busy with eating an orange carrot!

I will knit 5 Inches and half too!

I will knit this part green and blue!

She started to Knit the scarf.

for the very long neck of the giraffe!

When she became tired, She shouted:

Who’s gonna help us finish this?

It’s not that hard, I promise!

Mama hen and her chicks sang:

We need help to finish this scarf,

for the one who is always sick: the giraffe!

Mama hen took the needles and started to knit!

She continued till she felt hungry and needed to eat!

It was raccoon’s turn!

How tall is the giraffe’s neck?

I mean, it seems very hard to check!

Is this gonna really fit?

He shouted and started to knit!

When he knitted his part, excellent,

He passed the knitting needles to baby elephant!

Elephant was very fast,

But she became tired at last!

She raised her trunk and roared:

When is this gonna finish? Oh my lord!

The white sheep came as the sixth,

She started knitting with her teeth!

She was very careful and precise!

The outcome was really really nice!

the giraffe had been arrived already!

When the scarf was finally ready,

The tiger started to dance!

His technique was very advanced!

The snake went and brought the cake!

Which it was really hard to bake!

Who’s in charge for the colorful balloons?

OH! Of course! Zebra! He brought them and turned on some tunes!

Now, giraffe wears his long scarf every now and then,

So, he won’t catch a cold never again!


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