The bird – Imagination practice 3

The bird – Imagination practice 3
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Hi! I’m dreamy! Today I’m here to do an exciting practice with you!

First of all, I have question for you! Did you ever walk in a street while it was raining? Did you ever get wet by rain?

Imagine this for a moment! Think about that funny feeling when rain is pouring on your head!

Now tell me: Did you ever think about what others do when it’s raining? Other people or animals? Did you ever think about where birds, bears or dogs go when it’s raining? where other people go?

Let’s imagine that we are walking in a rainy street and we see a little bird under a big tree who have gotten wet by rain.

What it’s story gonna be? Will we talk to her?! Will she talk back? Will we carry her to our house? Is it a girl at all? or it’s a boy? Imagine the conversation:

Hi Ms. birdy! How’s it going?

Thanks! I’m fine! I just have to wait till rain stops. I’m wet and I can’t fly like this!

What? You think birds don’t talk?

Yes! You are right. But your imagination has no limits. Let your mind be free.

Now, you better complete the little birdy’s story.

Close your eyes and think.

Think about a rainy day that you are walking along the street when you see a wet little bird under a big tree. What will happen next?


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