Mixed up wishes!

Mixed up wishes!
Mixed up wishes! Information
Age4-6, 7-9
Typechristmas, Adventures

Meet Ramona, the whimsical wish angel, on her very first night on the job. But her night takes a hilarious twist as she mixes up the wishes, leading to unexpected Christmas morning surprises.

Once upon a time, it was a energetic little angel named Ramona! Ramona had just started her work and become an angel of desire! Lucky for Ramona, her first day on the job was the night before Christmas!

All the children make wishes the night before Christmas, and the wish angels are busy!
Ramona was sitting on the clouds and was looking at the children from above!
He saw a boy named Jackie who was staring at a red scooter in a department store and was wishing:

Ramona wrote Jackie’s wish in the corner of her notebook:
Jackie: Scooter!

Then he looked a little further and saw a one-year-old girl named Ashley! Ashley had seen an ice cream for the first time. That’s why she wished to have giant ice cream instead of a milk bottle on Christmas Eve!
Ramona wrote in her notebook:
Ashley: Huge ice cream

Then Ramona looked across town and saw a man sitting in his office, wishing he had a suitcase full of money. Ramona wrote in her notebook in front of the man’s name:
A suitcase full of money!

At this moment, a strong wind blew and took away Ramona’s notebook! Ramona was a bit shocked at first. Then she took a deep breath, looked at her watch, and realized it was almost midnight!
That’s why she quickly went to the angel market and bought a red scooter and a giant ice cream! She took a suitcase full of money too and flew to the ground. Ramona thought to herself on the way.
What did little Ashley want? How about Jackie? What did that man want?

On Christmas morning, when Jackie woke up, He saw a suitcase full of money under the Christmas tree with his name written on it!

At that moment, little Ashley opened her eyes and saw that it was a red scooter with a milk bottle in place!

The man in our story, who was still asleep, turned and fell on giant ice cream on the floor of his room!
Our little angel had just reached the top of the clouds when she suddenly heard someone calling his name:
Ramona! Ramona!

He was the head of the angels and told Ramona:
What did you do, Ramona?

Ramona said:
I just fulfilled the wishes of three people!

The the head of the angels showed Ramona, Jackie, and Ashley from above the clouds and said:
So why are they crying?

When she saw them, Ramona realized that she had delivered all the gifts wrong!

The chief of the angels said:
So who did you give the giant ice cream to?

Ramona pointed to the other side of the city! The big man and his children were sitting and playing on the giant ice cream, eating ice cream with their hands and laughing!


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