Squicky, the baby squirrel

Squicky, the baby squirrel
Squicky, the baby squirrel Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Hi there! I’m Squicky, the speedy squirrel who loves oak forests and oaky adventures. Join me for a glimpse into our nutty, tree-hopping world!

audio story of squicky, the baby squirrel

Hi! I’m Squicky, the baby squirrel. I’m really fast and agile. Do you know where I live? in oak forests. I usually spend my day jumping on oak trees’ branches or eating delicious oaks. And sometimes I rest in my nest. We, the squirrels, build our nests in trees. We really have an oaky life. Don’t we? 

Squirrels are from rudents family. It means that we have big sharp teeth and can quickly eat hard things like oak and nuts. Our teeth grow all the time, so we must chew hard things to keep them in the right size!

I’m tiny, and my eyes are big! Most of us are brown, gray, or orange and have fluffy hair. But the most beautiful thing about us is our tail, which is big and hairy. We also have long nails helping us to climb trees.

I think you already know my favorite food! Yes! that is right! I love oaks, and we eat them all the time. But oaks are unavailable in winter, so we have to save some in summer. We hide oaks under the ground so we can use them in winter.

Do you wanna know something funny about us? Sometimes we forget where are hidden oaks are, and those oaks will remain underground for a long time! Can you guess what will happen next? They will grow and become an oak trees! That’s how we help our environment!

So, that’s us! We are clever, fast, kind, and funny. If you want to visit us, you can come to the oak forests.

OH! I know a squirrel family that lives in mango and palm trees. We call them palm squirrels. They have white lines on their bodies!

We have relatives all over the world, except north and south poles and dry desserts. Yes! We are a huge family.

There are red squirrels, flying squirrels, and tree squirrels.

OH! I almost forgot! All of the squirrels Don’t live in trees. Some of us make our nests underground by digging. They are called ground squirrels.

Ok! I’m hungry now! I’m going to eat some oaks! It was a pleasure talking to you!



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