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It was not night yet, but the sky was cloudy, and the room seemed dark. It was the weekend, and Noah and her mother were dressed to go to grandma’s house when her father returned from work. Noah was bored and wanted to do something! At first, he decided to watch TV, but he soon regretted it.

He got a good idea! He quickly went to his father’s toolbox and took out the flashlight. Noah shouted:

Shadow game is the best game in the world!

His mother was typing something on her laptop!

Noah went to his room with a flashlight and shone it on the wall! Then he started making the shape of different animals with the shadow of his hands on the wall! Rabbit, fox, and crow!

Then Noah pulled aside the curtain of the room to see how the light of the flashlight would be on the glass!

But when he put the light of the flashlight on the glass, he saw something strange! In the light of the flashlight, small white seeds were dancing!

Noah happily shouted:

Mom! Mom, it’s snowing!

His mother happily came into the room and turned on the balcony light!

Oh my God! What beautiful snow is falling! Said his mother.

Both stood behind the glass and looked at the snow. At that moment, Noah saw something! Noah’s eyes stared at his friend Lucas’s house! Lucas’ house was right in front of Noah’s house! Lucas was Noah’s friend who went to kindergarten together! They sometimes talked to each other from the balcony and even played!

The lights in Lucas’s house were entirely off! Noah shined a flashlight on Lucas’ balcony to find out what was going on there!

His mother said:

My cell phone is ringing! It must be Dad!

Noah didn’t understand what Mom said because he was staring at Lucas’s daycare uniform drying on the balcony. Lucas’s shirt sleeves were frozen, shaking with the wind like an ice sculpture!

That day in the kindergarten, the children accidentally dropped Lucas’ soup bowl, and the soup spilled on his uniform!

His mother called Noah and said:

Be quick, Noah! Dad came!

Noah was still looking at Lucas’s shirt.

Noah was still looking at Lucas’s shirt with snowflakes sitting on it! Then he thought of something! He went and took his kindergarten form from the hanger. Mom said again:

Hurry up! It’s late!

Noah hung his uniform on the balcony with difficulty and shouted:

I’m coming, mom!

Noah turned on the balcony light and left the room. The snowflakes danced and sat on the shirts! The uniforms shook in the wind and waved their hands to each other! In this way, Lucas’s shirt was no longer alone in the dark, and he was not afraid!


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I'm a narrator obsessed with writing and telling children's stories. I believe that in the stories world, everything is much easier to understand, especially for kids.

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