The bright star

The bright star
The bright star Information
TypeAdventures, Bedtime
GenreFantasy, Comedy

In the ancient days, in a sky filled with planets and stars, there was a special, happy rock that glowed green. One day, it decided to explore the universe, but something incredible happened along the way.

audio story of the bright star

In the past, when the world was still young and the sky was full of planets and stars and luminous halos and large, and small rocks, one of these rocks differed from the rest of the stones! It was not like any other rock. He was a kind, happy rock who always hovered next to a bright blue planet!

When the light shined on this rock, it glowed with a bright green light, and it no longer looked like a rock at all! Every day and every week, the rock looked at the sky and saw many planets moving in the sky. He thought to himself:
What will happen if I go after these planets?

Every day and every night, he thought about the same question until one day, he decided to wander off and see what was going on with the rest of the planets.

rock had never traveled before and needed to learn how to move. First, he started to walk back and forth and turn. After a while, he realized how to move!

When the rock left the last planet, the blue planet was upset! And when the planets get upset, their skies turn strange colors. Green, yellow and blue!

At first, the rock movement was not very good! He was moving a lot to the left or the right! But finally, he learned how to move in space and reach his desired destination.

On his way, the rock reached a planet whose surface was full of water and had no land. Then he saw a planet that was dried up, and its entire surface was full of sandy beaches.

He was surprised when he saw a planet that looked exactly like him! Like a wandering rock! One of the planets he discovered was full of green forests. Then he saw a shy planet that was hiding from everyone. Then he passed a frozen planet and a planet that was made of gold and jewels and was shining.

The rock noticed that the higher it went, the brighter the planets. All of them were very beautiful and very different from each other. It was hard for the rock to decide which planet to stay on because every planet he saw was more beautiful than the last.

The rock continued its journey. He didn’t want to miss any beautiful planet, but after a while, he landed on the same blue planet that he was orbiting before.

But to his surprise, he realized that the blue planet had become much brighter and more beautiful than before! He was bluer than before! The rock said sadly:

Oh my God! I don’t know where to go! Each path is full of unique planets! I can’t stop! Because I know that if I continue, the next planet will be more beautiful! Even my blue planet has become more beautiful since I left!

The big blue planet heard this and said:
I mean, you don’t know why I’m bright?

The rock said:
Not! You are brighter than all the planets I have seen! But I don’t know why you have become more beautiful since I left you!

Planet said:
You have made me shine!

The rock answered:
I? But I am just an ordinary rock!

Big Blue Planet said:
You are no longer the rock that left me that day! You are big and bright now! You have now become a meteorite! And you are the reason for my shining! Now all the planets want you to make them shine!

Meteorite finally understood what had changed! He understood that it didn’t matter where he goes! The important thing was that he himself was bright and made everything shine. He sat next to the big blue planet for a few moments and thought to himself:
Should I continue my journey? Or should I go around my blue planet and become brighter every day?

Then, a thought occurred to him. What do you think the rock decided?


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