little Rosy’s trip to the garden!

little Rosy’s trip to the garden!
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little Rosy’s trip to the garden! Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Little Rosy’s magical night brings her and her mother into the garden, where they discover new adventures and the warmth of their plant friends.

As it was getting dark, little Rosy said to her mother:

Good Night!

Rosy’s mother caressed her little daughter’s red cheeks and said:

Sleep well, dear! When the sun rises tomorrow morning, we have a lot to do.

Little Rosy laughed and said:

Hooray! Sun and water!

And then she yawned and said:

I’m going to have so much fun!

And then she fell asleep!

Before falling asleep, Rosy’s mother looked at the garden from behind the balcony bars and whispered to herself:

I wish my little Rosy could live in the garden next to the little walnut and fig tree.

Then she shook her roots in the soil and said:


You know! Rosie’s mother was born in a vase from the first day, but now that vase was too small for her!

The plants in the garden heard Rose’s mother’s voice! Little Walnut said:

Mom Rose, how are you?

The fig tree said:

Hey! Speak slowly! You are gonna wake up little Rosie!

Mom Rose laughed and said:

Do not worry! My little Rosy is a heavy sleeper like me! If not, she must have woken up in this tight place by now!

Everyone started laughing! Even the parrot next door! The parrot said in his thin voice:

Heavy sleeper! Heavy sleeper!

And everyone laughed again!

Little Walnut said:

I think that these days, you will also come to the garden! is not it?

The fig tree said:

Of course! Didn’t they bring us to the garden when we grew up?

Mommy Rose said:

Hope to see you soon!

The stars started to shine little by little in the darkness of the night, and the moon passed by them!

She was near the little Walnut! she started to scream:

Mommy Rose! Mommy Rose! Where are you?

All the plants in the garden woke up from the scream of little Rosy and saw that little Rosy and her mother had come to the garden!

The parrot shouted from above:

Don’t be afraid, little Rosie! I see your mom! I see your mom!

The fig tree said:

Little Rosy, look this way! Your mom is here, with me!

Little Rosy looked and saw that her mother was sleeping under the shade of a fig tree and she seemed to have a good dream because she had a beautiful smile on her face!

Little Rosy smiled and shouted:

Mom, wake up! We came to the garden! Wake up and see!

To wake up Rosy’s mom, the fig tree stretched its roots to tickle Rosy’s mom’s roots! Because Rosy’s mother did not wake up so easily! She was a heavy sleeper.

Rosy’s mother yawned with her eyes closed and said:

Just five more minutes, little Rosy! The sun has not fully risen yet!

Little Rosy said:

Mom! Open your eyes and see what happened!

Rosy’s mother opened her eyes with difficulty and saw that she was right in the middle of the garden.

Rosy’s mother, who was quite happy, said:

Did you see that we finally achieved our dream? Now we can shake our roots and grow taller!

But little Rosy got upset and said:

But mom! I am very far from you! I miss tickling your roots! Now who will kiss and hug me at night before sleep?

The little walnut laughed and said:

Me! I promise to tell you stories every night and tickle your roots!

The parrot who saw the gardener coming with a bucket of water shouted:

Time to get wet! Time to get wet!

we have a lot to do mom! little Rosy laughed!

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