Clara Learns C

Clara Learns C
Clara Learns C Information
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When a letter on the barn sparked her moo-tithmetic curiosity, Clara set off on an adventure to discover the many Cs of the world!

In a field of mooing cows so grand,
Lived a curious calf named Clara, quite the band.
While others munched on clover green,
Clara chased butterflies, a joyful scene.

One day a chart hung on the barn door wide,
Letters so bright, Clara couldn’t hide
A fascination for one that did curve,
Like a munching green worm, a sight to observe!

Clara and letter chart
Clara and letter chart

“That one!” she mooed, with a wet black nose,
“I want to learn C, from head to toes!”
The other cows blinked, “Silly moo-cow, you see,
C is for mooing, that’s plain to all three!”

But Clara mooed back, with a determined head,
“There must be more to C, than just what is said!”
So off she trotted, with a flick of her tail,
To find all the Cs, that wouldn’t fail.

Clara wants to learn C
Clara wants to learn C

First, to the coop where the chickens reside,
“Clucky friends,” she mooed, with a walk by their side.
“What starts with a C?” she asked with a grin,
The hens stopped their pecking, a clucking din.

“Why, chicks, of course!” they all clucked with glee,
Fluffy and yellow, a sight to see!
Clara loved chicks, with their fluff so bright,
But a hug would be squish, so she held back tight.

Clara and chickens
Clara and chickens

Next, to the cat napping under the tree,
“Cozy Cat,” Clara mooed, politely, you see.
“What starts with a C?” she whispered low,
The cat, barely awake, gave a sleepy meow.

“A purr, silly cow,” he mumbled and yawned,
Curling back up, where his warmth was dawned.
Clara giggled, a purring cat’s sight,
Made a cozy nap, oh what a delight!

Clara and the little cat
Clara and the little cat

Finally, to the pond where a duck did reside,
With feathers so bright, in the water it did glide.
“Quackers,” she mooed, with a friendly hello,
“What starts with a C?” the duck splashed, “Let’s go!”

“A cool swim, of course!” the happy duck cried,
As Clara splashed back, with a moo by her side.
A cool swim on a hot day, a perfect fit,
Clara’s head full of Cs, not a single quit.

Clara and the duck
Clara and the duck

Chicks, cats, and cool dips, a world to explore,
The letter C held so much in store!
Back to the barn, with a smile so wide,
Mooing was important, but C, oh the pride!

From carrots so crunchy to clouds in the sky,
Cookies, a secret, a wink from Old Guy,
(Old MacDonald) The letter C, a friend by her side,
A world full of wonders, waiting to confide.

Clara has learned C
Clara has learned C

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